Clean Scissors – Premium Gents Hair Dressing Salon

Clean scissors Hairdressing Saloon is a luxurious best hair and beauty saloon that offers a comprehensive range of grooming services exclusively for Men. With a skilled team of highly trained beauty experts, we provide a wide range of the best professional beauty care services, with a world class, innovative and excellent saloon experience to exceed every expectation.
Our professional and fully trained experienced stylists, and the best home-friendly environment are what make our customers more comfortable and a place to relax.

We ensure that our services and atmosphere are user-friendly, relaxed, and meet our customers satisfactory standards. Committed to excellence, we guarantee a polished and confident look, leaving men feeling revitalized and refreshed. We welcome both walk-ins and appointments. Whether you’re dropping by or booking ahead, we promise top-notch service for your grooming needs.


Clean Scissors is an ecommerce services-based website design and development project. Our tailored ecommerce web design services helped their clients to subscribe to any of available packages. We set custom booking methods for better scheduling.

Technology Used:

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D&P Perfumum

D&P Perfumum is a french perfume brand that started in 1999 and now distributing in more than 500 stores opened in 37 countries: Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Britain, Cyprus, Dubai, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Moldova, the Netherlands, Oman, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Tanzania, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and now in United States.

Mock Up Design

What is Mockup Design?

Are you looking for a custom mockup design for your brand, with beautiful and professional images and look and feel?

A mockup design is a preview of an upcoming product. It is usually a low-fidelity visualization that looks similar to the final product but might lack some functionality, such as using dummy text or placeholder images. It is helpful to visualize how your product will look alike. Making a corporate identity is one of the first steps you must take when beginning a new firm. It might cover everything from your website’s design to your business’s logo. But where do you even start? How to find a corporate identity design company in Dubai that understands your business the way you do. That proposes expert solutions for branding your identity. We at TheDesignerz offer unique corporate identity design, branding services and mockup designs for your business.

A mockup design firm, TheDesignerz focuses on branding, corporate identity design, and mockup design. We think that successful design is crucial for companies of all sizes. Therefore, we collaborate with our clients to develop unique strategies that showcase their distinct brand identities.

We aim to assist our customers in spreading their distinctive message to the world. We’ll take your design and make it a beautiful reality. We can give you more than just the final product. we will help forming your business identity, curate your brand, and provide you with a realistic presentation of your work that is ready to be shared with the public.

What Does TheDesignerz offers for corporate identity and mockup designs?

No matter how small your company may be, it would be best if you always consider branding. A strong brand elevates your company, fosters client loyalty, and raises brand recognition. In addition, people are more inclined to respect your brand over competing brands if they recognize the authenticity of your goods or services. In a nutshell, branding is just as crucial to your business’ success as product quality.

We help you with T-shirt designing, uniform designing, stationary office designs, logo designing, and other office assets such as envelopes, flyers, memos, receipts, and voucher designing. In addition, we provide mockup designing services for transports like office vans and cars, furniture and fixtures, and wearables such as caps and aprons. In short, we can present a visualized mockup for anything you can think of.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media these days is very powerful. Everyone is using some sort of social media and it is always advisable to keep your presence active in social media profiles as it will help in getting new leads, promoting your business and aware your audience about your brand. It is also a fact to create, update and regularly maintain social media is a hectic task. TheDesignerz provide packages to handle your social media marketing. We create unique, excellent posting in your social media that keep your customer engage with you and help you spread your business.


Dubai Real Estate Company

Although the foundation stones of the present-day Multiflags Real estate were laid in 2012 , it was in 2007 when the towering presence of Multiflags Developments first began to take shape. Mansour Magdy was driven to design homes and communities inspired by modern urban living. But at the heart, it was about giving back to a city that had offered him and his family a place of peace and security. He set a vision for the future without losing sight of the past, ensuring he stays within client budgets, but goes beyond the norm to create the best possible living experience for people. Today, Multiflags Real estate reflects the aspirations of a wide spectrum of lifestyle seekers. This means a permanent dedication to understanding and meeting clients’ aspirations, developing distinctive homes that set the standard in contemporary building design and offering an unparalleled level of customer service. It’s about unlocking a new lifestyle for the curious and ambitious, setting the ideal platform to live, work and play – and building communities that bring people closer.

MULTIFLAGS is one of the world’s most valuable and admired Real Estate Developers in the market since 2012 Head Quartered in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. We deal with all kind of Properties and opportunities for investments.

MUTIFLAGS shapes the new lifestyle with a focus on design, excellence, build quality and timely delivery. We are driving forward with our strong Clients and Customers network as they experience the deluxe lifestyle with modern facilities and we assure their dreams comes true.

MULTIFLAGS provide opportunities to landlords to generate more wealth for themselves and attract investors to multiply their incomes and profits day by day. We love doing this as there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the people realize their dreams.


Multiflags was the project of website revamping with multisite option as it was in 3 countries. It was also English to Arabic translated site with requirements of Google Search Engine Ranking for selected keywords in both English and Arabic languages.

Technology Used:

WordPress, Visual Composer, WPML.  Theme Customization, Google Analytics, Arabic Keywords, SEO Optimization etc

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