Perfect Target Commercial Brokers

Perfect Target Commercial is a valued ally for financial services institutions, offering an exceptionally smooth and enjoyable customer journey while securing enhanced returns for our esteemed clients.

Over the past couple years of our operations, we’ve been dedicated to the mission of helping our clients with tailored financial services and mortgage solutions.


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W I M General Trading

W I M General Trading LLC: A Legacy of Excellence in Importing Rice, Wheat Flour, Tea, Walnuts, and Household Items

Established as a newly licensed trading company, W I M General Trading LLC boasts a rich heritage in the importation of various commodities. With a particular focus on staple food items such as rice, wheat flour, tea, and walnuts, as well as a diverse range of household products, W I M General Trading LLC is committed to providing high-quality goods to meet the demands of its customers.

Since its inception, W I M General Trading LLC has been dedicated to upholding the values that have guided its success throughout the years. With a solid reputation for reliability and excellence, the company has garnered a loyal customer base, both domestically and internationally. Our commitment to delivering superior products and outstanding customer service has allowed us to forge enduring partnerships with suppliers and customers alike.

Importing rice, a dietary staple consumed by millions worldwide, is one of W I M General Trading LLC’s core areas of expertise. We meticulously source the finest varieties of rice, ensuring that each grain meets our stringent quality standards. By partnering with trusted suppliers and utilizing efficient logistics networks, we guarantee a seamless supply chain, from field to plate.

In addition to rice, W I M General Trading LLC has become synonymous with the importation of premium-quality wheat flour. We understand the vital role that this essential ingredient plays in numerous culinary traditions, and we strive to provide our customers with flour that exceeds expectations. Our commitment to excellence extends to our tea selection, where we curate an exquisite range of teas, including black, green, herbal, and specialty blends, sourced from renowned tea-growing regions.

Walnuts, known for their nutritional benefits and versatility in both sweet and savory dishes, are another area of expertise for W I M General Trading LLC. We take pride in sourcing superior-quality walnuts from trusted growers, ensuring that our customers receive the best product available on the market.

As a newly licensed company, W I M General Trading LLC is poised to build on its storied legacy and expand its reach further. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to continuing our tradition of excellence in importing rice, wheat flour, tea, walnuts, and household items. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we look forward to serving our customers and forging new partnerships in the global trading arena.


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The Arab Builders of Buildings

The Arab Builders of Buildings embarked on its journey in 2002 as a general works contractor. With the passage of time, the company has successfully undertaken numerous challenging projects, amassing a vast array of skills, knowledge, and experiences in design and build solutions, project management services, building trades, and related engineering works.

Today, we stand as a leading main contractor, specializing in small to medium-sized projects. We also excel in project management services, seamlessly coordinating specialist trades for industrial and commercial ventures. In addition, we offer valuable design inputs and engineering solutions, thereby enhancing the value we bring to our esteemed clients. ua

Our unwavering objective is to provide our clients with an unparalleled “I am assured” experience when they entrust us with their projects. We place immense emphasis on clear communication and ensure that our commitment to our clients’ objectives remains paramount throughout the entire project lifecycle.


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Al Manakh Spare Parts

Al Manakh Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Trading

We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading name in UAE with rich experience in the selling of spare parts of OEM & Aftermarket parts for Earthmoving and Construction Equipment’s.

We have continuously expanded our operation in terms of brands and line items offered by us. We have increased the supplier’s confidence in us and could get their co-operation for competitive prices and timely supplies.

We serve the entire UAE region and as well as overseas market.

Our main goal is to provide replacement parts with an excellent quality in the shortest time possible. This is the reason for which we work every day to expand our product range.

Construction Equipment Parts

We offer wide range of aftermarket parts for all Caterpillar & Komatsu.

We have a wide range of quality replacement products of earth moving equipment right from precision internal component to durable undercarriage & Ground engaging tools. Our inventory includes rollers, track chains, idlers, sprockets, fasteners, shoes, tips, adapters, cutting edges, seal kits, gasket kits, brake pads, fuel injection parts, pumps, engine components transmission parts, torque converter parts, frame and body parts, radiator parts, bearings, turbochargers, filters, electrical components and much more

Engine Parts

We are providing high quality engine parts, such as groove connecting rods, bearings, seals, and liners for Cat & Komatsu engines in the global market. FPD also manufactures induction hardened cylinder liners for Cat engines. We also carry a large range of spare parts for newer models.

Undercarriage Parts

AI Manakh deals with ITM, ITR, DCF, and MAX which is one of the largest and most successful undercarriage parts suppliers.


We have supplying to major construction companies to all over UAE with competitive price, ready stock and prompt delivery.
Our wide range of products includes oil, fuel, air, hydraulic, water, air oil separators, fuel water separators, oil water separators and all kinds of transmission filters for heavy duty equipments and marine engines.
Fleetguard from Cummins Filtration is a world leader in Filtration. Fleetguard is used as first fit by many OEMs like Cummins, Perkins, International etc all over the world. Fleetguard products cover Automotive, Industrial, Construction Equipment and Agricultural & Marine applications. We offer Fleetguard ex-stock across a wide range of applications, ensuring predominance of the brand in the UAE.

Forklifts Parts

Navistar International Truck Parts

Cranes Parts – KATO

European Truck Parts

AI Manakh’s is a leading supplier of high quality aftermarket parts for European Trucks & Trailers.
The parts range covers popular models of Mercedes , Volvo, Scania, MAN, Renault, Iveco and DAF trucks and trailers such as BPW, ROR, SAF, York, etc.


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KAS Real Estate

Khalil Al Sayegh Properties

Khalil Ibrahim Al Sayegh Properties is a real estate company which is part of Al SAYEGH Group – one of the largest and leading residential and commercial real estate organization in the U.A.E. We specialize in all types of residential, commercial and manages its own properties in the Emirates to provide quality residential, commercial and industrial properties at affordable prices Its range of properties includes building apartments, villas, offices, shops and staff accommodation. KAS Properties come with the famous 24-hour maintenance and security. To stay in a KAS property in Dubai is now synonymous with stylish and hygienic living.


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Dubai Real Estate Company

Although the foundation stones of the present-day Multiflags Real estate were laid in 2012 , it was in 2007 when the towering presence of Multiflags Developments first began to take shape. Mansour Magdy was driven to design homes and communities inspired by modern urban living. But at the heart, it was about giving back to a city that had offered him and his family a place of peace and security. He set a vision for the future without losing sight of the past, ensuring he stays within client budgets, but goes beyond the norm to create the best possible living experience for people. Today, Multiflags Real estate reflects the aspirations of a wide spectrum of lifestyle seekers. This means a permanent dedication to understanding and meeting clients’ aspirations, developing distinctive homes that set the standard in contemporary building design and offering an unparalleled level of customer service. It’s about unlocking a new lifestyle for the curious and ambitious, setting the ideal platform to live, work and play – and building communities that bring people closer.

MULTIFLAGS is one of the world’s most valuable and admired Real Estate Developers in the market since 2012 Head Quartered in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. We deal with all kind of Properties and opportunities for investments.

MUTIFLAGS shapes the new lifestyle with a focus on design, excellence, build quality and timely delivery. We are driving forward with our strong Clients and Customers network as they experience the deluxe lifestyle with modern facilities and we assure their dreams comes true.

MULTIFLAGS provide opportunities to landlords to generate more wealth for themselves and attract investors to multiply their incomes and profits day by day. We love doing this as there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the people realize their dreams.


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Rayan Consult

It is a simple yet 100% mobile responsive, light-weight website project for display purpose only.

Blue Marine Fishries

BMF is a leading sea food export company in Pakistan. They wanted a simple yet 100% mobile responsive website. It was actually our first project back in 2013.


Vizzytown is online B2B and B2C portal where mostly all type of garments are sold. The project was to structure a usable and user-experience site with easy to use functionality and payment gateways. It was required to customize the theme and the ecommerce store as per Vizzytown requirements.

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